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Altona Beach Film Festival





As we say goodbye to 2019

"TIME" has begun for you to think about your 2020 entry.



This year we ask film makers to take some "TIME",

and show us your story.


Our Theme "TIME" may inspire you to tell a tale of about wasting "TIME", the "TIME" your friend took to read a book, a special story about the "TIME" you had on the adventure of your life, the "TIME" a train ride took you in the wrong direction, the "TIME" you lost your favorite toy, the first "TIME" you could drive a car alone, the good "TIME" you had at a friends party, you may even feel there's never enough "TIME" in a day.

"TIME" can be very short, very long, the inevitable progresssion into the future, a measurable period in which events occur, what clocks measure.

"Time" is on your side, you have  plenty of "TIME"

Make a short film and enter our competition in 2020

Films can be fact or fiction, action, adventure, animation, drama, horror, whimsical, fantasy, comedy, even a muscial.

"TIME" may mean something else to you.

Use your creative imagination and don't let "TIME" pass you by.


We love variety of styles and content and we are eager to see what our filmmakers have to offer.

If you have more questions see our
Festival Rules,

or Contact Us for answers.

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