Make a short film, no longer than seven minutes, and submit by 30 June 2021

 to enter the 2021 Altona Beach Film Festival

For 2021 all films submitted must relate to this year's theme of "SPACE

A selection of the most interesting, and most entertaining entries will be shown at our special 2021 Film Festival exhibition, held in Hobsons Bay, Melbourne, Australia.

All entrants will receive public acknowledgement



* Check the Festival Rules for a complete explanation of conditions and requirements.  This includes information on awards and prizes ($2,300 in prize money will be awarded in 2020).


* Pay an entry fee to cover processing costs.


Entry fee to be paid: 
Adult: $30 
Pre-teen: $10 (director, writer, or camera operator 13 years old or younger) 
Teen: $20 (director, writer, or camera operator 14 to 21 years of age) 



* Provide a few details including your film's title, names of people involved in your film, a very brief description, where your film was made and where it has been exhibited.


* Submit your film via mail on usb or dvd, mp4 format or via YouTube or via this button.

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