ABFF 2021 Theme "SPACE"

Altona Beach Film Festival a short film competiton run annually with a Theme.

 This years theme is "Space"

Last year we had plenty of "TIME" this year you will find some "SPACE" to make a short film.

In the "SPACE" of the next 6 months, (entries will close 30th June 2021), you can make a short film on your camera, ipad or phone.


AlPel trophies and monetary prizes are awarded to winning entries in August 2021 at our Annual Gala Award Presentation and Film Screening Event. A "SPACE" where everyone has a great night.

Find some "SPACE" and tell your story

in a short film.  You may feel a little apprehensive in this "SPACE", don't worry, all levels of abilities accepted. Films are judged in age appropriate categories and we accept, comedy, horror, drama, animation, documentaries.

Get out in the open "SPACE", travel through "SPACE", find a safe "SPACE", use a public "SPACE", within a short "SPACE" you could make a short film and enter our competition.


Watch this "SPACE"

Dance Carper.JPG