ABFF 2020 Theme "TIME"

Altona Beach Film Festival a short film competiton run annually with a Theme.

 This years theme is "TIME"

Everyone can find the "TIME" to make a short film. You could have the "TIME" of your life entering our short film competition.

AlPel trophies and monetary prizes are awarded to winning entries.

As a clock tells the "TIME" you can tell your story in a short film. In these modern "TIMES" you can use your phone, ipad or camera. 

We deal with "TIME" everyday.

"TIME" for work, school, holidays, dinner.

"TIME" the inevtable progression into the future.

"TIME" does not stand still, don't say I don't have "TIME", it may take a long "TIME" to make your film.

You have plenty of "TIME", entries open May 1st 2020.

It maybe your first "TIME" making a film, all levels of abilities accepted. Any "TIME" you are ready we accept, comedy, horror, drama, animation, documentarties.

ABFF will screen all entries at the Annual Award Presentation & Film Screening Event August 22nd 2020.

At this point in "TIME" there is no  excuse not to enter ABFF 2020