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Altona Beach Film Festival Rules



This is a short film festival, so a maximum length does apply.  All films must be no longer than seven minutes total run time--including titles and credits.




Awards will be decided by a panel of expert filmmakers based on artistic quality, originality, and demonstration of fine filmmaking production skills.


At the exhibition we will announce the following awards:
        Best in Show: $1000 prize
        Special Recognition Award: $600 prize
        Best Young adult film (ages 14 to 21): $300 prize

Best Pre-teen film (up to 13 years of age): $200 prize

President's Encouragement Award: $100.00

People's Choice voted by the audience on the Gala Award Presentation and Film Screening Event: $100.00





All entries are welcome, but we do have special awards to films with young directors, writers, or camera operators in two age groups: pre-teen (up to 13 years of age), and young adults (ages 14 to 21).  

All entries will be screened at the Annual Award Presentation and Film Screening Event.



We are charging a fee for processing entries, payable upon submission of your film.
        Adult:    $30
        Pre-teen: $10  (director, writer, or camera operator 13 years old or younger)
        Teen:     $20  (director, writer, or camera operator 14 to 21 years of age)



You may make your film using any film or video camera, or computer animation software, provided you can deliver it to us on usb mp4 format or via your YOUTube channel and Film Freeway.



We require films to have a minimum of 640 x 480 video resolution.  We also will exclude heavily compressed video.



Will your film fit the theme?
When you submit your film, we will ask you for a brief description.  You can explain in your own words how your film relates to the festival theme - "VISION".  We will be exhibiting and awarding only films that adhere to our theme, but you may interpret the theme broadly.



Can I enter a film that was in another festival?
For the 2022 Festival, you may submit a film that has been submitted to another film festival. 



What will happen to my film?
Your film will remain your property.  Your film may be shown at the Altona Beach Film Festival exhibition and possibly a few other events in 2020.  Prior to the 2020 exhibition, the festival will announce a list of events where 2020 festival films may be shown.  We will keep a copy of your film on record, and we will reserve the right to use still images or short excerpts for promotional purposes.



What music can I use?
It is possible to use your favourite music in a film in certain circumstances.  You are responsible for observing copyright laws in your own production.  You may want to visit one of the links below to understand how copyright laws apply when using music in non-commmercial films.   Or, you may contact us if you have questions.



Do I need consent from people in my film?
It is possible to film people in public and use the imagery in your production.  Of course, you are responsible for respecting the publicity rights of the people in your film.  You may want to visit one of the links below to understand if you do need to obtain consent of somebody featured in your film.


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